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Universal Quotes from Shirdi Sai Baba. I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I shall be with you, wherever you are, guarding you and guiding you. March on, have no fear. Duty is God; Work is worship.

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Even the tiniest work is a flower placed at the Feet of God. Cultivate nearness with Me in the heart and it will be rewarded. Then you too will acquire a fraction of that Supreme Love.

Love as Thought is Truth. Love as Action is Right Conduct. Love as Understanding is Peace. Love as Feeling is Non-violence.

Duty without love is deplorable. Duty with love is desirable. Love without duty is Divine. Your heart must be transparent, like glass, with spiritual light within illuminating the whole world. Peace can only be won the hard way, by eliminating violence and greed from the hearts of individual.

The secret of happiness is not doing what one likes to do but in liking what one has to do. First you must grapple with the fact that duty is God and start doing your duty. I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith - so that Christian becomes a better Christian, the Muslim, a better Muslim, and the Hindu, a better Hindu.

Transmuting "man" into "God" and experiencing that Ananda or Bliss is the one and only achievement for which life is to be devoted.Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it! Life is love, enjoy it! There is only one caste There is only one religion There is only one language You are not one person, but three: The one you think you are; The one others think you are; The one you really are.

The secret of perfect health lies in keeping the mind always cheerful - never worried, never hurried, never borne down by any fear, thought or anxiety. Once we surrender our mind to God completely, He will take care of us in every way.

Start the day with love, spend the day with love, fill the day with love and end the day with love. That is the way to God. Most important, do not ever think that you and God are separate. Think always, "God is with me; He is inside me; He is around me.

All there is is God. I myself am God. I am the Infinite, the Eternal. I am not two; I am one, only one. There is no one else besides me. I and God are one and the same. It comes when you realize that God is not outside of you. The secret of happiness is not in doing what you like but in liking what you have to do.

sri sathya sai baba quotes on love

Love all. Serve all. Help ever. Hurt never. You are always your own best guru, your own best teacher, the answers are always inside you. The body is just a water bubble.Too much food results in dullness of mind. A language is as sweet as the tongues of the speakers. Every experience that is drawn through any of the senses has an effect on one's health. Love all beings; that is enough. Discipline is the mark of intelligent living When calamity approaches, discrimination departs.

A man's well-being depends upon his degree of contentment.

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God is all Names and all forms. Follow the Master, face the devil, fight to the end, finish the game. Real happiness lies within you. All things in creation are subject to the law of change, and man, too, is subject to this law. Renunciation is the power of battling against evil forces and holding the mind in check. The teachers of tomorrow are the students of today.

God is not to be spoken of as coming down or going up, since HE is everywhere. Learn to speak what you feel, and act what you speak. What is the unmistakable mark of a wise man? It is Love, Love for all humanity. Each man carries his destiny in his own hands. Whenever and wherever you put yourself in touch with GOD, that is the state of meditation. Small minds select narrow roads; expand your mental vision and take to the broad road of helpfulness, compassion and service. Silence is the speech of the spiritual seeker.

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Ignorance is the most important cause of sorrow. Have constructive thoughts, consoling words, compassionate acts. The end of knowledge is LOVE. The end of education is character. LOVE is the scarcest article today. Mine, not thine; this sense of greed is the root of all evil. This distinction is applied even to GOD!

sri sathya sai baba quotes on love

Your GOD, not mine! All spiritual practice must be directed to the removal of the husk and the revelation of the kernel. The mind fixed in the awareness of the ONE is line a rock; unaffected by doubt, stable, secure. LOVE lives by giving and forgiving.

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Self lives by getting and forgetting. GOD is the doer; you are but the instrument. The heart of man, which is now allowed to lie fallow, has to be ploughed by spiritual exercises like repetition of GOD's name. GOD is neither distant, nor distinct from you. What is meant by the phrase "to know GOD"?

It means "to love GOD".

sri sathya sai baba quotes on love

When there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. The beauty of life depends upon our good habits. Good company is important, it helps to cultivate good qualities.Love is selflessness, Selfishness is Lovelessness. Love gives and forgives, Selfishness gets and forgets. Sathya Sai Speaks. God is love, live in love. Love alone can win it, Love that needs no requital, Love that knows no bargaining, Love that is paid gladly as tribute to all living, Love that is unwavering.

Love alone can overcome obstacles, however many and mighty.

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Love as Thought is Truth. Love as Action is Right Conduct. Love as Understanding is Peace. Love as Feeling is Non-violence. Duty without love is deplorable. Duty with love is desirable. Love without duty is Divine. Live together, revere each other, let not the seeds of envy and hate grow and choke the clear stream of Love.

There is only one royal road for the spiritual journey Love Be Silent yourself, that will induce Silence in others. Love all men without distinction, Know that mankind is a single community. Ego lives by getting and forgetting; Love lives by giving and forgiving; Love is expansion; Self is contraction; Self is lovelessness; Love is selflessness.

Man loves because he is Love. He seeks Joy, for he is Joy. He thirsts for God; for he is composed of God and he cannot exist without Him. A man who has no love in him is as barren as a cloud with no moisture, a tree with no fruits or a cow yielding no milk; he is ever far from God and can never earn His Grace. Practice the vocabulary of love; unlearn the language of hate and contempt.Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors.

Be the first to learn about new releases! Follow Author. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it. There is only one religion, the religion of Love.

The rest have to bide their time, But all are destined to bloom, All have to fulfill that destiny. There is no need to despair. Therein lies fulfillment. All men are kin. They are of the same likeness, the same build, molded out of the same material, with the same divine essence in each. Service to man will help your divinity to blossom, for it will gladden your heart and make you feel that life has been worth while.

Service to man is service to God, for He is in every man, and every living being, in every stone and stump. Offer your talents at the feet of God. Let every act be a flower, free from the creeping worms of envy and egoism and full of the fragrance of love and sacrifice.

It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that create your future. The outline of your future path already exists, for you created its pattern by your past. Life is a challenge Life is a dream Life is a sacrifice Life is love Be in the world, but do not let the world be in you. The end of culture is perfection.

The end of knowledge is love. The end of education is character.If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.

sri sathya sai baba quotes on love

If health is lost, something is lost. If character is lost, all is lost. Why do you go seeking for it elsewhere? This is the light of love and bliss. Live together, revere each other, let not the seeds of envy and hate grow and choke the clear stream of Love.

The end of culture is perfection. The end of knowledge is love. The end of education is character. He is the in-dweller of every heart and all names are His. So you can call Him by any name that gives you joy. You must not cavil at other names and forms, nor become fanatics, blind to their glory. Live always in that constant Presence. These barriers create narrow and limited loyalties and prevent you from enjoying an all- embracing bliss. Enlarge your horizon.

Sathya Sai Quotes

Expand your vision. Names may be different, but the Almighty Providence is denoted as Absolute and Eternal. The terminology may be different, but the concept is not.

Bhagawan is referred to as Allah and prayer may be called Namaz, pundits may be known as Khajis and scholars may be hailed as mullahs. The Vedas may be in the form of the Holy Koran, but the undercurrent of energizing power in all cases is Love; Love towards all beings. Happy Father's Day to the Father of the Universe.

In the years to come, you will experience me in many different manifestations of my form. You are my own, dearer than dear to me.

I will protect you as the eyelids protect the eyes. I will never leave you, and you can never leave me. Love All Serve All Love Is The Answer Love SathyaSai.

It is the very essence of devotion, the very breath of a devotee, his very nature. It springs from the actual experience of the devotee, an experience that convinces that all beings are God's children, that all bodies are altars where God is installed, that all places are His residences. Keep yourself aloof from these three diseases.

Anger cannot be destroyed by anger and cruelty by cruelty. Anger can be subdued only by forbearance and cruelty can be overcome only by nonviolence. Anger is like an intoxicant; it reduces man and degrades him to the level of an animal.

Famous Quotes.Pure, unselfish Love towards all living beings, considered as embodiments of the Divine, with no expectation of reward, is true Love. Sanathana Sarathi, June ff 2 Love does not seek anything in return. Love knows only to give, not to receive. Such Love is free from fear. These are the basic features of true Love. Sanathana Sarathi, August 3 That which does not change is only one -- it is Love. All relationships come and go - all are passing clouds. Only one thing is permanent, and this is Divine Love.

Discourse, December 25, 4 Love is of two kinds: natural love is one which expects something in return. Divine Love expresses itself in loving service without expectation of any return.

Sanathana Sarathi, January ff 5 Love alone equals Love. Love is the result of Love. Love is the taste of Love. Love makes no differences or distinctions between 'mine' and 'thine. Sathya Sai Newsletter Vol 15, No. They are not two, but one. Love is the very nature of life, as burning is the nature of fire, or wetness of water, or sweetness of sugar. Love is the fruit of life.

It is unaffected by joy or sorrow, praise or blame. Sanathana Sarathi, December 8 Love as thought is Truth. Love as action is Righteousness. Love as feeling is Peace. Love as understanding is Non-violence. Love is the common denominator.

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Sanathana Sarathi, Feb ff 9 Expansion is Life. Expansion is the essence of Love. Love is every urging and surging for expression and enlargement. Love is God. Live in Love. God is where Love is -- Love expressed as sympathy, charity, reverence, affection, sacrifice. Prema has no trace of selfishness; it is not bound by motives.

Prema is the crucial support, for it is the very breath, the sole purpose of life. Sanathana Sarathi, Feb ff 12 Where exactly does God reside? God is everywhere in all beings. Really speaking, God is Love, and Love pervades everywhere. There is no being without a trace of Love. Sathya Sai Speaks, Xff 13 Like the glow of the flame in a fire, like the rays of the sun, like waves in the ocean, Divine Love is the basic quality of a true human being.

Sanathana Sarathi, June ff 14 Love is present equally in all human beings as the one effulgent Divine quality. This Love may be expressed in different ways, but its nature is the same.